-------On When Life Turns Turtle-------

Ruskin Bond
Sahitya Academy, Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan Winning Author

Raj Supe’s fluent narrative and genuine search for truth will bring him many readers

Benjamin Gilani
Film, TV and Theatre Actor

The world that Raj Supe creates is vividly described with a true artiste's eye for detail. Set in the ‘belief land of Rishikesh’ on the banks of Ganga – ‘perennial river of India’s mystical past’ – his story leads the reader through light and shadow to the goal Indraneel, the protagonist, has set himself – a life of spiritual bliss… Raj serves up a rich repast from which no reader can depart unfulfilled.

-------On Poetry: ‘Sagarika Anusagarika-Echoes for Nine Rivers’ -------

Ranjit Hoskote

Raj Supe’s poems convey the passionate intensity of a seeker, the sincerity of one who hopes to bring about a marriage of traditional mythic imagery and the urgencies of post-modern life. In Sagarika-Anusagarika: Echoes for Nine Rivers, he achieves a haunting effect of time-blur, playing deftly with opposites as he evokes the jewelled paradise of Indra on the one hand and the disheveled studio of a contemporary artist on the other, the anonymity of the saint-poet on the one hand and the self-expression of the modern writer on the other. Even as he works, through his verses, to bring about a marriage of “River and Text”, he never loses sight of the difficulties involved in bringing about such a communion between the flow of mystical illumination and the relatively fixed body of the written form. Raj Supe’s images are vivid: many of them linger in the reader’s mind, even after the poems have been read and the book put away. 

Ashutosh Gowarikar

"Enchanting! Enchanting is the most appropriate word to describe the experience of gliding through the poems of the yet to be discovered poet - RAJ SUPE. Chandrika-Anuchandrika & Sagarika-Anusagarika, glisten like dew drops on a blade of grass!" 

Makarand Deshpande

Like the fragile flower springs in the month of Margashirsha, these poems are rare indeed. Let's welcome Raj Supe, read his verse and talk about it. We need poets like him

Kinkar Bitthal Ramanuj Maharaj

I am extremely happy to go through the collection of poems- Sagarika Anusagarika composed by Raj Supe. He comes across as our most favourite friend, philosopher and poet. His spiritual depth is an added beauty to his versatile genius. 

Pundit Satyadev Dube
Theatre Personality.

Sagarika Anusagarika [Echoes For Nine Rivers] is evocative of a culture that is trying to find a new voice through poems. Raj Supe has gone through a gigantic struggle to find a voice for his echoes---I think he has succeeded.

-------On Big Bappa-------

Mathai Baker Fenn
Psychologist & Director, The Talkshop, Bangalore

“I am not a religious man, but like everyone else, I do an occasional prayer, especially when things go wrong. I love reading stories though. This story has touched my heart and soul more than 100 prayers I have said…

Whenever there are simple questions to answer like what is two times two, or what is the circumference of the earth, or what is the speed of light.......there are direct, factual answers. But when someone asks what is the meaning of life? What should I do with myself? .... THE MASTER says ....come let me tell you a story....... This story by Raj Supe is one of those stories.”

Kay Kay Menon

“I vividly remember the time Raj wrote this story. Back then, we read aloud far into the nights… usually it was Raj who read. Maugham, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Saki, Gorky, Maupassant, Tagore, Chekov, O Henry… we had great company; he would quietly slip in one of his own stories in this medley. And it managed to sit nicely among the works of the masters. In a world, where storytelling is becoming extinct, Raj Supe dazzles.”

Parathasarathi Banerjee
Scientist & Director, NISTADS

“Raj Supe narrates this tale in the classical kathakar tradition. His artist searches for the most pure form of the Lord by glimpsing within the bodily prison. Possibly as Paul Klee discovered the formless form in patches of near-white blobs.  Here’s a journey to the core of most abstract and the most ubiquitous deity, Ganapati, in the flow of river and time, and in the Vedic Charaiveti. The author transports us from the noisy Mumbai ghettos, to the small corners of a quiet town called Pen. I am sure, like me, the readers will pass from the city-based honeycombed apartmented forms of modernity to the ebbs of timeless flow of eternal form.”

Amar Nath Chatterjee
Corporate Trainer

“I completed Big Bappa in one sitting; I couldn’t wait to finish it. This tale once again brings home the truth religiosity and social taboos have nothing to do with spirituality. Raj Supe’s style is captivating, language impeccable, characterization sharp and the view modern. There is great depth in apparently simple narration of this author. His metaphors are unerring… Ganesh, the deity of water tattva, the Muladhara Chakra imageries, and so on.”

Suman Satishchandra Rao
Former Professor and Vice Principal NM College, Mumbai

“Vinayak Pandit, we realise, is a rebel saint-of-sorts who dedicates his art to the statement of Truth as he knows it. He differs from the run of the mill artist who looks upon spiritual evolution as a means to improving his art. He reminds us of the great painter Van Gogh who lived the life of painter, deviant and messiah.

Through the story of this man, Raj Supe creates a fresh perspective for the reader to look at idol-worship.”

Makarand Deshpande
Actor, Director &Playwright

“I read Big Bappa, as the monsoon broke over green Kerala. The story did to my soul what the monsoon did to the parched baked earth.”

Rajeshwari V.Pandharipande
Professor of Linguistics, Religious Studies,Sanskrit, and Comparative Literature, University of Illinois

Art is commentary on life. How can it be “frozen”? This tale is a bold depiction of art choking in the prison of modernity. The author has given to the reader what I see as a magnificent Ganesha, an artistic form of the Truth. I cannot applaud him enough for this creation! 

There is the profound Truth, which underlies this multiple Avataras -incarnations of nature, rain, mind; the Truth is in them but not limited to them. It is Maya and Brahman; it is the play of the one in/on many! Becoming of the Being! No other contemporary writer has captured and expressed this profound reality in such an aesthetically appealing, intellectually convincing and spiritually inspiring narrative of the tale!