Rainbow at Noon
~Dhiruben Patel

A timeless journey to self-realisation.. By Sahitya Akademi Award winning author, Dhiruben Patel When a sannyasi turns his back on worldly life, he is said to have transcended the trammels of mundane existence. But what of the sannyasi who turns his back on renuciation itself? Rainbow at Noon describes the life of shan, who is able to navigate his soul out of the world and back into it, only to realize the place for the self is in the self. Here is the story of a sannyasi who returns to his home in Mumbai and how he is treated by the world. It is a brilliant account of the inner turmoil of every man who wishes to rise above himself. Lucidity and succinctness characterise Raj Supe's translation of Dhiruben's original Gujarati. The lay reader is quickly drawn into the story of ishan and his family and is easily able to assimilate what could otherwise have been abstruse and profound text. Rainbow at Noon can be read over and over again without losing its novelty, as new layers reveal themselves. It is like a little jewel that retains its lustre forever.

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Cloudburst of a Thousand Suns
~Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

The Vaani of Naam Avatara Sitaramdas Omkarnath provides every spiritual aspirant with a lifetime of succor and guidance. These blazing and fear-dispelling words are full of assurance and  solemnity, an ultimate antidote for the poisons of the world, a genuine friend of the householder, student, professional or businessman, a counselor and best-recourse for the yogi  and seeker, arrows from Lord Ram, a panacea for all ills. Practical tips leading to happiness, peace and prosperity. Timeless wisdom and practical application make Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath's Vaani, a volume to be cherished every day of our lives.

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Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari
~Raj Supe

It lifts your spirits and transports you to the ocean of divine bliss. The deftly wielded pen of the renowned saint-playwright, Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath, brings souls from the earthly and the divine plane together. As you read, an inner revolution starts on its own. Here is a moving account of lives of Nivruttinath, Jnaneshwar, Naamdev, Jana, Gora Kumbhar and Chokhamela, all much-adored saints and prime movers of the Bhakti Movement in Mahrashtra. Some are outcasts from the Brahminical fold and some risen from the class of menials. There is gorakhanath, Adinath and other divinities discussing concerns for spiritual upliftment. It is a miraculous circle of devotees!

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Streams of Nectar
~Collection of seven works of Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath

The kundalini rises in the yogi By means of static pose and breath-control. The yogi penetrates one after one The six circles and unites Shakti with Shiva At the thousand-petalled lotus in the head. From that sweet communion streams of nectar Flow constantly. The yogi drinks at it and is liberated. But if thou chantest 'Rama, Rama' without a break, thou wilt not need any yoga. My mother (kundalini) will arise on hearing the Name. Chant the Name, traveler, day and night. All austerities come with folded hands and place flower-offerings at the feet of the chanter of the Name. Don’t listen to, look at, or think of anything else. Lose thyself and be blessed by chanting the Name. Day after day thy life wears off. Chant the Name, at all times.

  Servant of the Lord.

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